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This piece gives you a psychic and telepathic connection to the infamous Jacques St Germain. Jacques St Germain was a vampire that lived in Louisiana after moving here from France in 1902. Obviously he didn't just move here and tell everybody that he was a vampire. However, after a while people noticed some really strange things about him, such as an uncanny resemblance to the original Compte dunSt Germain who was super into alchemy and was able to make himself immortal.

Then, there's the fact that people, in particular women, started going missing after having been seen with him. Then there was a fact that despite having aged, he didn't appear to be aging whatsoever. Look, there was just a whole bunch of things that were going down in Louisiana that could be considered very sus when it came to Jacques St Germaine. To top it all off, he disappeared, but his debts continued to be paid even after he should have been dead.

The point is the exact saint-germaine was an emanation of the original St Germain. He is a timeless vampire and still exists somewhere on Earth. This piece gives you a metaphysical connection to him, so you will be able to sit down with him so to speak and ask him whatever your heart desires. He has extensive knowledge of both vampirism and its magic, as well as alchemy and its magic. He is immortal, he is powerful, he is knowledgeable, and now he is all yours for the speaking.

Your Very Own Interview With A Vampire

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