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Rules of Engagement

Welcome to Miracles & Marvels.

We have been in business for decades. We have four other websites and
each website has many different items.

We started this business because I’m a natural born medium and psychic. That got me into more of the paranormal and supernatural having experienced so many things myself. I then began collecting so much paranormal items I ended up with 7 garages full, it didn’t stop there! I then got to know many others who invited me to underground auctions. I met celebrities who also collected supernatural items and we would trade and test each other’s stuff. I get a lot from many of them but I try to steer clear of the ones into the very dark stuff. We keep the dark stuff totally separate from the white light and dual magic.

We don’t send instructions by mail and we only use email. We have a ten day shipping policy but most times it’s a lot faster. We give ourselves that time in case we are traveling.

We are not psychiatrists or medical professionals and can’t help you in those departments.  If you feel you need mental help, please seek it.

If you are new to buying this type of thing please educate yourself. Example, please don’t buy a Masonic Magic piece and then ask me what that is.  We don’t and won’t and can’t hold your hand. There are plenty of sites and books that can help educate you on magical items.  Being in this business so long we have dealt with people calling us at 3 am to say a werewolf is trying to kill them in the park. We have had a man tell us hell opened up in his living room. We have people say they are possessed and some I’m pretty sure are. We had one guy who was a serial killer in Australia and one guy who wanted to mind control and rape women. I don’t play those games or indulge me in anyones sick fantasies.

I like to tell people to think of us like you're going to Bloomingdale’s or Hermès. You come in, you buy and you leave. We don’t become related or best friends. While some of you I do speak to on the phone or chat with you it’s because I got to know you and like you. Most likely you’re not crazy. We do know that you will need instructions to use your item and we do provide them. We try to give the best customer service we can and go out of our way to make you happy. With that being said, we don’t deal with nutters.

We have a blog on and I often interact with many people there.  I hope to see you there for some good relaxing chat. Please sign up for the mailing and you will always k ow what’s going on. You can do that through

Enjoy the site.

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