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Your power cage!

Any tiny chip gems holding their natural magic are intensified in this glass case. This has a pretty good size bale so you can wear and feel the power. This is great for male or female. The intensity from the natural chips or gems you put in is at 800 times. So for example this is coming with I believe Lapis so all the things lapis does for you is magnified. Let’s say you do Amber or Amethyst, same thing. Whatever those properties are you get magnified. Most small gem chips can be had for very little money. I know you can buy bottles of them which would be perfect for this. From wealth to health and to stop drinking! This will get the job done. You want to communicate with the dead, you can. You want to use a stone for love or psychic ability, pop it in the case. You

already know the stones work so let’s magnify them or even mix some. You have that ability.

Your Power Cage

SKU: 362369
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