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This piece is for all the people who are not artistically inclined, but have always wanted to be. It's for the people who have wanted only looked at The artful masterpieces of others but could not draw stick figures themselves. It's for the kids like me who failed art class because you couldn't draw a perfect square let alone a circle.

This piece contains creativity and artistic nodules of The souls of past artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. When you wear it, these energies and nodules will become part of your own soul and you will manifest and exquisite artistic ability.

You could use this artistic ability for your own personal pleasure, but you also could use it to make and sell art, become a renowned tattoo artist, paint murals on high-profile buildings in your city, create sets in Hollywood, or really anything else that requires an artistic edge.

You Van Gogh Girl! (Or Boy)

SKU: 1222369
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