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This necklace multi-faceted and contains four different types of magic, as can be seen by the pendants that represent each type of magic. This piece was created as a sampler for those who either want to have multiple types of Magic on hand or aren't sure what type of magic best suits them. It was made by a mystery School in Virginia.

First you have the Buddha. The Buddha brings you ancient Vedic magic and opens up your mind to an infusion of all sorts of Asian energies. This is the essence of far East Magic and will allow your mind to be introduced to those types of powers. It contains a pixiu Dragon who will act as your guide.

The second is the Moon. This contains pagan witch magic. This powerful magic is derived from the energies of the Earth and the universe. This magic is majorly comprised of sourcing energies in order to create your own Magic. This piece hosts a Celestial being who will guide you on your quest to creating magic with the powers of the Moon and other celestial bodies, as well as those found on Earth

The third is to see all the Sun. This introduced you to the magic of ancient times. The energy than this piece can facilitate knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic, ancient Sumerian magic, ancient Phoenician Magic, and ancient Mayan Magic. The reason it also includes my and Magic is because the Egyptians traveled to the Americas before modern man ever did. This magic is excellent for manifesting ancient forms of knowledge and hidden Magic.

The 4th and last pendant is a heart with a cross in the middle of it. This embodirs Divine and sacred white light magic from God. In particular, this piece bestows blessings. Now, you might be thinking that God already best blessings. However, with this piece your blessings will be bestowed one after the other and on a much frequent basis. With this Panda you receive an angel as your guide to Magic.

You Score Four!

SKU: 1302345
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