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Do you know who Wu Zhao is? She's a boss! That's who she is! No really... She was a boss. She was the first and only female Chinese emperor. She rained way back in 624 ad, but her legend lives on to this day.

In particular, the legend of her vast appetite for all things magic lives on today. It may not be well documented in history books but Zhao had a particular fondness of everything occult metaphysical. Naturally, this included an interest in being that could Grant her her deepest desires.

Enter Wi's djinn. She had quite the astonishing collection of djinn if I may say so myself. She kept hers in a series of precious stones and jams, some of them jade, some of them amethyst, and many other types.

Well it's not quite known what happened to her collection we do know that this piece draws power from one of the original pieces of her djinn collection.

This particular entity exists for one reason and one reason alone. That reason is to grant the wishes you might have. He doesn't have a name, but he doesn't really need one. You can give him one if you'd like, but it doesn't effect his magical abilities whatsoever.

This djinn will grant the wishes that you throw at him. He is a time -ce trkc being so he will put universal energies into motion to begin the granting process of your wishes. The key to using this piece is patience, because some people think that wishing always works like it does in the movies and they can just be all like hey genie grant me a wish and boom there it is.

I can assure you it doesn't always work that way, especially not when you're asking for wishes that affect your very existence. Either way, this piece will work valiantly for you.

Wu Zhao Djinn

SKU: 1302346
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