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7/9/22 you are getting the necklace only.

This necklace will give you all of the appreciation that Christ had for Veronica.

Veronica’s Veil was a cloth she used to wipe Jesus’s face when he was carrying the cross. I have an original picture called Veronica’s Veil. When you look at it the eyes open and close. The picture I have holds supernatural power and when the eyes open it will place miraculous power into you or the piece. The picture I have is from the 1600’s. I will include a picture for you to look at. This way you can see what I mean about the pictures eyes opening. This piece will grant miracles that you need or ask for. Usually miracle pieces work by giving you what is needed and not what is asked for. This one is different because Jesus did not ask for the cloth but was given to him out of sympathy.

Wrapped it n Veronica’s Veil

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