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This is sterling silver and Lapis Lazuli. This is not huge but medium size and pretty heavy. It’s well made. While this is a star it does something it doesn’t look like it would be made for. This is the birth star that aligns with the constellations of the birth of the werewolf. This is its soul power and sole power. This star pendant when sitting against the skin places into you the magic of the most powerful and ancient werewolves. These werewolves were created using the moon and constellations. What gets empowered in you is extreme hardcore sexual seduction and performance. You gain the ability to smell or pick up the scent of who you are with. This is the scent within they allows you to look inside the persons mind and feelings. This will give you extreme agility, hunting skills and strength that is unusual. There is one bad thing about this and it doesn’t happen to everyone, body odor! This can happen because it’s a pheromone thing. You should just use a little extra deodorant. You want to put it under your arms and balls. I think there is a product called sweet balls? They sell it on Amazon. One of the testers told me they used it. The pheromones were still there but he no longer smelled like ass. Also during sex you may feel like biting and sniffing your partner.This can be controlled if you want to. You will also have the ability to detect fear and see into another persons mind. This is a very unique werewolf pendant because I have yet to come across anything like it that does these things or is a strong. I only have one! This is called the werewarrior.

Were-Warrior Ancient Werewolf

SKU: 719223
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