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For a while I lost this. This comes from Chang you guys have seen her before. She used to make the tea for me. She’s from China but came over here for many reasons and she’s a super amazing person! It was odd how I met her. She just sat down and asked me to teach her English. I liked her right away. Some people are going to get mad because I like a Chinese person but they are not their government, they are human beings like you. Chang came to the United States with her husband but her two children had to be left behind in the care of her family. Very soon I learned that the Chinese restaurant in Pa was pretty much treating her like a slave. She wasn’t even allowed to talk to me and they charged her for food. It’s a slave situation. She was also in serious danger in her country from being killed. She was a Christian as was her husband. I had come to find out that she worked as a waitress for the Chinese restaurant but her wages were taken. They stuffed them all in one house and the men in another house. She couldn’t live with her husband and they controlled her green card/ Visa. She wasn’t allowed to cook in the house she was stuffed into or see her husband. The reason she couldn’t cook was so that she never paid off her debt. The owner who was also Chinese exploited her own people and eventually I had it out with her which almost became physical until her ass went behind the counter. I was sick of it and I wasn’t putting up with it anymore. Chang showed up at my house in Pa and brought groceries and asked if she could cook this tofu soup. She said I would like it and I told her yes. I didn’t want to eat her food but I didn’t want to insult her either. I knew me eating her food was taking money she needed. So I just made up ways for me to pay her. Honestly with all we go through in life and while I have many profound moments, meeting and getting to know Change was one of them. She is the best soul. I met her pre- Obama year when the economy was really good so I offered to bring her child here for her. As a mother I couldn’t imagine how she must feel. Today I seriously cringe when I hear people talk badly about Chinese. Not all Chinese people agree with their government and just like Americans they are not all the same. The Chinese have an amazing culture and are good people. Just during the Covid lockdown here some Chinese were being beaten and attacked. I’m seriously, WTF mode! My other friend who’s also from China runs a family restaurant in Cape May had to only offer take out as some came in to attack her. I told her, let me eat inside. It’s not going to happen when I’m here. I’m trying to get Chang to do a radio show and tell you all that went on. Some friends you make for life and she was one of them. I don’t like tofu though! But her other food was good. She is finally free now and I’m so glad of it. She and her husband had ambition along with no resources other than what I and Lindy could give her. We need more people like her. Honestly! This piece comes from her and is vintage. I got it from a lady who makes original, cultural Chinese wealth items. They are known as witches even in China. This piece which is a movable fish is for extreme wealth. This will be going to Change who used it herself a few months ago but I lost it on her. I was to sell it so since I found it, here it is. This is Asian wealth magic and it’s made using the old ways. The fish itself is also old, vintage and might be sterling and enamel but I’m unsure if it’s silver or gold.

I do hope this goes to a person as good as Chang!

Wealth From Chang

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