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Waverly Hills & The Guide!


This pin is stamped 1888 sterling and is a seal. This is an antique that picked up all the talents of who passed through the body chute. Waverly Hills Sanatorium has more deaths than you can count. When you look at the pictures you will see one nurse in the tunnel of death. This is where the dead would exit to be cremated or picked up by family. Many have seen the nurse if they are lucky. I met a young boy there many years ago who’s name was Stephan. I’m talking before the people bought it to turn it into an attraction.

When I met Stephan he was about 8 or 9 years old. The nurse in the picture would look after him especially because she knew he wasn’t good. We can leave it at that. Waverly isn’t an insane asylum but was used for many things and I believe at first for TB. I put up YouTube links hopefully you can click on them. The history can be found by a simple google search. I didn’t take a tour but kind of entered along with some others. We used an Ouija board, held a seance and did a ritual of the rising of the dead. We met the nurse. She was one of the first ones who had a special psychic ability along with discernment. She also had a special ability to see within the body and organs and see sickness. She saw sickness in Stephan. Unfortunately it was his mind. He wasn’t good! She watched him closely to keep him away from the babies who he had a penchant to torture.

The bottom line is this piece holds her ability but also all the talents along with all types of magical and supernatural abilities of those who passed through the chute. Many lives were lost early to disease and the nurse we call the Guide took the earthly things they would never need as if she was the River Styx. She was good and guided all she could onto a better place. This antique pin is a powerhouse you will never find again! If two psychics passed you doubled that power so just imagine the thousands who passed! This pin is one of a kind and holds a lot of paranormal activity. If you have meters, use it on this piece as it’s off the charts! The abilities you can can’t be counted! Honestly, it could take all day!

The pictures you see are if the piece, the nurse, outside, the body tunnel, a spirit jumping to their death, the front of the building and others.

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Waverly Hills & The Guide!

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