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Warnings  From Valiant Thor


These are three that I had extra. All the new information, protection but mainly telepathy was put into these during a session with Valiant. It seems the crimes against humanity will get worse and something big is coming in October. This thing, whatever it is, is bad. I understand it as it will be partly or all of it stopped. I know that it’s easy to say I’m being cryptic so I can’t be proven wrong, I’m not like that! This is just what I was told during the session with Valiant. These sessions were easy but became easier once the abilities?went into these last three pieces. The things I was shown are in the video. There was a lot more but it went against policy to place them in the video. It was war everywhere with other people. Seriously bad stuff. I don’t like to use scare tactics but unfortunately it was real. There will not be a lot of people who are protected. Get yourselves ready now. This piece was will connect you telepathically and use a full force protection. The protection works in a way of warning as if you just know and then, the best way to describe it is like a bubble. You don’t need one for every family member you live with, one is enough. One person can tell the others. These change colors and have real stones. These are in sterling silver and are pendants. Each one is different and I will pick one for you.

Warnings From Valiant Thor

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  • When I come back on the 8th I will get a recording of him for people to hear.

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