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Very tiny, big pay out!

This is extremely tiny. For someone to see it around your neck they would have to look close! You can use this as a charm or pendant. I believe it is sterling but don’t depend on that. This tiny glass eye evil eye that usually wards off the evil doesn’t do that. We used this as a vessel only. I have a lot of people that like the more tiny things and this is one of them. This was used with electrical sound waves to jump start and energize the pineal gland. This includes all types of psychic ability but will do one at a time. For some multiple gifts start to come at once. This can be prophetic dreams, visions, ESP, touch history, reading energy, seeing the aura, etc. I don’t know what’s in store for you or how it will hit you as everyone is different, but it does work! Usually you start noticing something after 12 to 24 hours f wearing.


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