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This piece is a beautiful shade of red, but when you move it around in the light it kind of looks like an eyeball. We were trying to capture that for you because it will make the power that it has obtained that much more illuminated.

We call this piece vampire eye for the mortal guy, although girls can you use it too. The ability you acquire when using this piece is the ability to see through the eyes of a 16th century vampire. I'm not going to say the name, because part of the bonding process is for the vampire to release his name to you.

The vampire is a Frenchie and has been around for a long time. He is very dapper, and you will find that out if he decides to show himself to you. He also contains a vast network of knowledge and Magic that he will share with you when you use this piece.

This includes Magic from ancient times, the middle ages, the enlightenment, and many other ages. The power will reveal all sorts and types of magic to you You will be able to keep that magic and bring it back with you into the human Realm.

You will gain a better understanding of exactly what a vampire is , where there magic comes from, and how it can be killed to see you perfectly. He also makes a perfect companion piece who will tell you stories upon stories of where he's been and what he's seen. His name is Pierre.

He will be able to see through his eyes, to see his life and how he has lived it, the places he has been, and all the magic he has acquired.


Vampire Eye for the Mortal Guy

SKU: 2212320
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