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The stone on this ring has been imbued with the DNA of a sanguine vampire. It has been preserved within. There is no entity involved with this piece, however when you wear it the energies of the vampire DNA will course through your veins like blood. You will begin to receive a mental Awakening that will unlock vampire abilities within your mind. These abilities our full body abilities, but they must be awakened in the mind first to that way they can become part of your subconscious and who you are as a being.

Don't be mistaken, this is not a vampire transformation piece. This piece is simply a DNA infusion piece, whereby you will receive vampire skills and abilities. It will take time for these powers and abilities to manifest depending upon how powerful the powers and abilities are. You do have somewhat of a say in what powers and abilities you acquire, because if you meditate with this peace and focus on one power or ability it will come to the forefront and it will be one of the first ones that are unlocked for you.


Vampire DNA

SKU: 2212359
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