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U Can Ring Their Bell!


Some of you will already know what these are. These are Djinn bells. You wear them and call upon the type you need. The research on the type of djinn you call is on you. All djinn can be called. You must call the type and then shake the bracelet you need to actively shake it three times. There are many types of djinn. I suggest the Blue or the Heavens djinn. But what you do is up to you.

Please read this statement BEFORE BUYING.

If you have medical questions, investment questions, questions on abuse or relationships. Please seek a professional in the area you need help with. If you are disabled in anyway, physically or mentally we do not discriminate. Under the ADA it is illegal to discriminate and we follow that law. If you are mentally disabled we do not know this and nor will we ask. Again, seek the proper professional. All items are sold under FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! If you buy candles do NOT leave them unattended. If you buy rocks or stones, do NOT throw them at people, cars or animals. If you tell me you are being raped in your sleep by a member of my staff, please see above and seek professional help. I will then assume your are entertaining me and my staff! No one will respond to those statements, inquiries or fantasies. Thank you for your understanding!

U Can Ring Their Bell!

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