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I have more of these almost done. Those will be in necklaces. They should go on Tuesday because all your items will be shipping tomorrow. These are sterling bracelets two are for men and the small one for women. The others coming are rope necklaces for men, very manly! Now what do you do with these? These are for men who want an item but don’t like that it’s in a woman’s form. Due to the price you can pick up to whatever the value is. So at 300.00 you can pick one 300 piece or do a bunch of items into the bracelet. What you can’t do.

You can’t put living items in these, they are as they are. You shouldn’t put conflicting items together as in an angelic piece with a dark piece. Other than that, you are good!

Two For Men & 1 4 women/ what is this?

SKU: 4124091
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