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Nicolas Flamel had always been fascinated by the stories of the Garden of Eden. He had spent years studying alchemy and the occult, hoping to one day uncover the secrets of the first paradise.

One day, while performing an ancient ritual in his laboratory, Flamel suddenly found himself transported to a lush garden unlike anything he had ever seen before. It was the Garden of Eden, and Flamel was in awe of its beauty and splendor.

As he explored the garden, Flamel came face to face with Satan himself. The dark lord of demons was furious at the intrusion and attacked Flamel with all his might. But Flamel was no ordinary man. He was a master alchemist, and he quickly used his knowledge to turn Satan's face into a stone bottle.

Flamel knew that the bottle contained a powerful elixir, one that would open the eyes of anyone who drank from it and allow them to see the magic of the angels. He took the bottle and fled the garden, knowing that he had accomplished something incredible. The magic that was used was the same magic that Jesus used to turn water into wine.

For years, Flamel kept the bottle hidden, waiting for the right moment to use it. He continued to study the occult and alchemy, perfecting his craft and honing his skills.

Finally, the time came. Flamel knew that the world was ready for the magic of the angels, and he brought out the bottle, sharing its elixir with those who were worthy. In that time like now, it was only those who showed an interest into the unknown.

As people drank from the bottle, their eyes were opened to the wonders of the world. They could see the magic of the angels, and they could perform incredible feats of alchemy and sorcery. Not only that but all the Garden and its magic along with the powers of Lucifer BEFORE the fall. This makes this item white light. Also why does believe the bottle was made during a physical transition.

This bottle of pure stone was made using the magic God used on Lots wife. Many places since have claimed the bottle or rather people in those places. France, Moldova, Germany, Sweden and China. Now it is here in the United States. The face on the bottle is what Flamel saw as Satans face was changing from Snake to a physical body with flesh and bone. As I understand it half the body was still with scales except the face which the energy printed on the bottle.

Flamel isn’t widely known for this but is in underground circles. These are the places that the true hidden of the strongest magic exist. The only reason for that is money! Those with money have the opportunity to gain items like this unless they are stolen.

This is the only one.

Turned to Stone.

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