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Metatron is an archangel in Jewish and Christian religion, who is said to have a unique and important role in the divine hierarchy. According to the Bible and ancient tablets , Metatron was originally a human being named Enoch, who was so virtuous and wise that God chose to elevate him to the status of an angel.

As an angel, Metatron is said to have been given immense power and knowledge, as well as the responsibility of serving as a scribe and messenger for God himself. He is said to have recorded all of the heavenly secrets and revelations that were communicated to the other angels and prophets, making him a key figure in the transmission of divine knowledge.

Metatron is also known for his immense size and strength, as well as his appearance, which is said to be awe-inspiring. He is described as having eyes that glow like the sun and wings that span across the heavens, making him one of the most powerful and impressive figures in the heavenly kingdom.

This piece can be worn by male or female. Just like Enoch when he was human as you are now, the supernatural abilities will move through you. The background of where you see Metatron is a supernatural seal and also the language of the angels. This figured out by John Dee. The seal allows for the understanding of Metatron’s communication. The back holds the tesla coil which is made to touch the skin and also why this vessel was picked. This vessel had everything needed to hold such a transformed being. Not only hold it but allow Metatron to infuse you with the same powers and abilities he has.

Why is this good? Well we are not talking baby steps here. We are talking about the same power God gave Enoch. I personally have a strange feeling, like pull with this one because I had a weird vision about it. Plus with Tomer mentioning something odd to me, I’m just saying it was weird. Then since in the last week I had to work with Shine on something and he said something to me about it too and the decision was made to make the piece. We did not make this piece as it was only a vessel. When I got it, it was only an empty vessel but through the “ calling” NOT conjuring of Metatron and the help of Shine and Tomer together it was as made. As a medium and someone who can remove all darkness in the area, that was the role I played. This lately has been very hard as evil has been hitting everyone. All of us feel it is the times we are in. This vessel was perfect because the human body is electric and water. So the coils do an amazing job of transference.

Another reason for this one is not just using it now, which I do suggest! I suggest this so you are not using it at the last moment when you really need it! Get used to it now because you do feel the changes come on slowly. We have more and I have used one.

This is a piece I feel would be needed instead of wanted. But that is up to you.

Transforming with Metatron, SERIOUS!

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