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What is Touch Magic? It’s something you want!

Touch Magic is usually used with stones, crystals or some flat surface and your intentions. Some people don’t believe they have strong enough intentions or don’t know if they are doing it right. We took the guess work out of this.

What can you do with your intentions. Stop a threat, create a spirit that will do as you need. Stop or start a situation. Win in your lawsuit, prevent something bad. The list is long. It is only stopped by your imagination. No you can’t become immortal or have a transformation. You can become extremely attractive to people! You can use this over and over again. I have one for a woman and one for a man. The woman’s is a pendant and the man’s a ring. Both can be worn or chains.The men’s is a size 9 ring. These are easy to use. Just think of what you want, block your mind even if for a minute of all but what you want. When that is the only thing in your mind you then demand it and take your index and place it on the stone just to leave your fingerprint, done. To use again, wipe off and repeat the process.

Touch Magic

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