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I have three bottles that Tomer gave me to put up. All of these are different and all do very different things. Two were his personally and one was given to him. All have been tested by normal people with zero ability.

Bat bottle, shown in the pictures on this listing.

This bottle is one of a kind glass and extremely old. This is the bottle that Tomer carried before his change. Yes it is that old. The top of the bottle is polished Coral. This bottle is very simple as they all are. This living piece holds ALL the powers of Tomer before the change. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s all there. Everything in here is all he gave up to become what he is today. All that power, hypnotic ability, changing of body, reading of minds, creating illusion, extreme compassion, full mental ability, self healing, abundance ability, allure, sexual knowledge, carnal energy flow, sexual release with out the sex act. That means causing it in others as well as himself. The DNA of immortality, again this is a living piece. The Flush. Sounds a little um crazy but it’s to long to explain but it’s amazing! I better just put it in here or I’m going to get a million emails. The Flush, everything you don’t want comes out, all you want in,goes in. To be clear I’m talking about supernatural abilities. These are only the abilities that a real true vampire can have. This means any type of vampire including Sanguine. You will gain all the abilities of any vampire, living, dead or immortal, past, present and future, yes future. So, take a drink on the wild side. There is way too much to put here.

How to use the bottle. You must make one important decision before using. Do you want to be white light, dual or dark. I can’t give you advice on that decision at all. It’s one of the ways it MUST be activated for you! I can’t help you or give you ideas on what to pick. This is a choice that is yours alone. You may not ask others if you should do white light, dark or dual. This must come from you alone! Once you make that choice you will get any kind of food coloring, red for dark and blue for dual, no color for white light. You will then drink from the bottle for 33 days. At least he end of the 33 days you should have decided everything you need.

I know I hear from many they want the process immediately, No! I’m sorry that can’t happen! It takes 33 days!

You are getting Tomer’s antique glass bottle with a bat on it. Everything it does is in the description.

Tomer’s bottle bat

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