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I have three bottles that Tomer gave me to put up. All of these are different and all do very different things. Two were his personally and one was given to him. All have been tested by normal people with zero ability.

This bottle was given to Tomer by a most strange and mysterious entity. This is all glass with a snake wrapped around it. This is definitely dual magic as it holds everything the original tree of knowledge has. This includes the underground and the heavens. The heavens is also definitely plural. Being that’s it is plural it covers the cosmic planets of which both angels and the fallen inhabit, rule and rest on when not here on Earth. While I say this is a dual piece and it is Tomer has said you can decide at anytime which you want to make use of. This wasn’t him telling me to make use of darker beings or entities but that you can. To be very clear you are drinking from the tree of life and knowledge. This being that tree of which the roots go down to infinity hold every being, spirit, creature and entity ever known and unknown. This even has access to things in other dimensions which if you don’t believe in I suggest you do some research. Finally even scientists are saying we have multiple dimensions and some are literally in front of our faces. In others we exist in more than one place. That not all this covers though. This is knowledge on everything in its rawest form and purity.

The Flush. Sounds a little um crazy but it’s to long to explain but it’s amazing! I better just put it in here or I’m going to get a million emails. The Flush, everything you don’t want comes out, all you want in,goes in. To be clear I’m talking about supernatural abilities.

How to use the bottle. You will drink from the bottle for 6 days straight, then rest for 3 day. Then you will drink from the bottle again for 7 days straight and you will have a full transformation.

You will get Tomer’s bottle you see in the picture. This is a rare and once in a life time piece and it’s a living piece! The things you can do with it are not measurable!

Tomer’s All Knowledge Bottle

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