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When we think of magical powers, we tend to think about what they can give us. Like, we want them to give us a power or an ability or grant us a magic or something like that. Well, what about the pieces that don't give, but rather prevent. We don't often think about that, do we? I guess it's human nature to want something that pleases us, but sometimes we have to think outside of the box. That's why we have created these pieces. 

These pieces bring a simple magic known as invulnerability. This magic acts like a shield that makes you totally invulnerable to anything that you don't like. Want to be invulnerable from being poor? This piece can assure that. Want to make sure that you never again suffer from a broken heart by the hands of somebody who claimed to love you, but never did? This piece can assure that too. Want to make sure that you and your loved ones are invulnerable to spiritual attack or demonic possession? This piece will single-handedly allow you to become invulnerable to any type of situation that you find unwanted or undesirable. No questions asked.

Things We Don’t Think Of For 38?

SKU: 3242518
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