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The Wealth Wheel


This is sterling silver size 7. This is also real Emeralds. To use this piece you will hold the ring or wear it on your right hand. This is white light wealth so you can’t wear it on your left hand. If you don’t know your left from your right, ask someone or do not buy. You also can’t put this one on a chain as it must be held in the right hand or worn on any finger on the right hand. All wealth is dual in nature and goes back to ancient times, this is why it must be on or worn in the right hand. Wear or hold your ring and speak allowed the number of what you seek. The wealth BEGINS to work immediately but give it time to work because this is not black magic where it doesn’t care how it obtains it. Examples of black magic are people dying to give you money.

1. A spell for good luck at casinos and games of chance

2. A spell to attract money and good fortune

3. A spell for financial stability and security

4. A spell for wealth and prosperity in business

5. A spell for a wealthy life and financial independence

6. A spell to increase sales and attract customers to a business

7. A spell to sell a home or property quickly and at a good price

8. A spell to attract money and success in career or job search

9. A spell for debt relief and financial freedom

10. A spell for abundance and financial prosperity in all areas of life.

The Wealth Wheel

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