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The pieces we are listing for the next few days will not have pictures attached. Deedee is on an investigation at the moment, in an undisclosed location. She was going to send me the pictures today, but something happened to her internet connection. Very mysterious. She did finally manage to get a call out to us to let her know she is fine. However, the pictures will not be coming until Friday.

However, the show MUST go on. So, we will be making listings without pictures, but everyone knows that the power, energy, and magic are what really count. So, make sure you read the all thoroughly and proper pictures will be added Friday.

All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

We now offer CashApp as payment for items! Of course as always we also accept Paypal. If sending money via CashApp use the $cashtag $hauntedcuriosities2. Send the money and then immediately email the link for the item so we know the item has been purchased. All items must be purchased prior to them being removed from our inventory. No holds.

As per usual, payments to PayPal can be made to

This piece was made with an ancient Egyptian relic. As far as we are aware the relic does not have a name. It was stored in the library of Alexandria for centuries, before being stolen by thieves and passed around magical societies for centuries more.

The powers in this relic have been known to do many things, most commonly increase longevity of life, heightened awareness, greater vitality, and higher consciousness. It has been known to facilitate a deep connection between the minds of mortals and the ancient gods, through which magical abilities have been manifested. It has also been known to grant psychic abilities and prescient abilities to those who use it.

The Unknown of Alexandria

SKU: 22123117
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