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The Universe of Supernatural Wealth.

This is green crystal with black tiny rhinestones or crystals? This will come with a very nice black soft silk necklace to wear it on. This is the gathering of universal creatures , Gods and Goddesses who generate wealth. This piece sits with open arms welcoming the most powerful djinn, Wealth grantors, wealth creatures, those who create wealth including mages, witches, wizards, all religious entities who give wealth. Nothing bad comes out of this but pure white light wealth giving energy. This is the same as having the best djinn for wealth you can get minus the hard to manage creature. This will take in the angelic realm of abundance, the little known Irish creatures of wealth. This will take in the abundance of the touch of the golden unicorn, etc. In fact it’s already here. This must be worn against the skin when you put it on. It doesn’t hurt and you will feel it heat up. There is no need to command, direct or even speak what you want. The universal God if wealth will know exactly what you want and how much! No bad karma, no evil, no darkness! I only have one. Yes this was tested on one of the most laziest people. I call them gums. This is because of certain reasons. I didn’t want to test it on them but I had to because they were the perfect test subject! I mean if it gave this nasty being wealth it surely would you too! Oh and if it did give bad karma this person would have been hit with a bat with it! This has been cleansed and is ready and waiting for you. Your religion doesn’t matter.

The Universe of Supernatural Wealth

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