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If you watched the move about Alexander the Great on Netflix, it was mainly about his military genius. There was a lot more to him than that. He also had at least two known sons and was married a few times. Alexander was very much into the supernatural including stones, crystals, necromancy and Egyptian magic. This piece focuses on everything, including his military genius and supernatural ability.

This ring I have is my third one. It is solid sterling silver, vintage and with real Emerald eyes. I hold the mold to this.

What does it do?

First this holds the power of all that Alexander came to know and hold in his soul, not spirit. A spirit is much different than the soul. Like it is said, we are made in the image of God. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is what makes the trinity. While this is NOT a religious piece I need to explain the difference so you know. When it is said we are made in the image of God, we too have our own trinity. We have our body( the physical) we have our soul and we have our spirit. It is the soul that can hold all Earthly things including knowledge after we pass and while we are here. The spirit is what moves on to wherever you are going in the afterlife IF you move on. That is our trinity. So this piece does not hold the spirit but it does the soul. When someone says I sold my soul to the devil, no you didn’t, you sold your spirit. Read the 2nd chapter of Genesis to see what I mean. Even if you don’t know the difference and you sell that for whatever short lived fame or fortune you want, your intentions did sell it. Not good! But back to this and what it holds and does.

Alexander the Great had many supernatural abilities that were hidden inside of him, things he couldn’t use until he was, opened up? I guess that is the best way to put it. His military genius was always there but his supernatural abilities were hidden. He did always travel with necromancers and various spell casters and readers of the elements. This was because he couldn’t do it himself. That of course was until he visited the Oracle of Amun in Egypt. He was greeted as a God. He came out with the full powers of a god. In the movie Alexander the Great it showed him and talked about him in the Hall of Records but that’s not true, that was after his death.

While the Hall of records or Library of Alexandria are not true his dealings with Atlantis are.

Alexander the Great did visit Atlantis. While there he had great spirits teach him many secrets that became known only to him. One of those was how his spirit could travel in death back to them. He was also taught how to reach them while living and maintain all he learned in his soul for fast recall. One of the things he learned was the ancient technology came from aliens from another solar system 4 systems ahead of us. This technology surpasses what we have today. There is a rumor that Elon Musk made contact with these beings and was given technology. I do not know if there is true. I would tend to believe it could be, but who knows. All I can tell you is about this piece. This is phenomenal. What abilities does it give you?

Military genius, the full technology of Atlantis, the full activation of a supernatural sun stone. The power of the Emerald tablets, the ability to do anything supernatural and the secrets held beneath the Sphinx. The riddle is about immortality. Self healing and ancient code breaking, that’s what I call it. This is a lot and I just shortened it for you. This is the only piece I have like this.

The Truth about Alexander the Great

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