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Who are the three graces and what can they do for you? They are known as the Charities. Their names are Radiance, Mirth and Good Cheer, they do have other names as well. These Graces are made for human pleasure. The form this comes in is as listed. Fertility and prosperity,creativity, social harmony, personal charm and attractiveness and elegance along with gracefulness. Anything you don’t want, you don’t ask for. The main goal is to make your life happy and filled with pleasure. They were known to consort with Aphrodite. Along with the physical and mental gifts there is prosperity which includes anything monetary.

This is a vintage ring in amazing condition. The size is a 7 and the sparkle is truly incredible! The stone colors are an icy blue to gray, deep but light green and an olive green. This is sparkling like firecrackers!

The Three Graces

SKU: 12024070
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