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This piece is a spinner piece. It has a stone in the middle that can be spun. You will spin the stone to activate the piece. When the piece is activated it opens up a metaphysical door to a place called the Secret Book of Abramelin the Mage.

I know you're probably wondering why a place is called a book. It's simple really. There was a book, but it was brought to life. The book contained the vast knowledge and mind of Abramelin the Mage. He wrote the book while he was still on Earth and left it behind hoping that somebody would find it.

Somebody found it and used it to create a realm. In this realm you will not just read about the magic of Abramelin. Rather, you will experience the magic and all that he has to offer. If you didn't know, Abramelin the Mage is considered to be one of the most powerful sorcerers of all times, alive on Earth in the 1300s, but has since ascended.

The important takeaway from all of this is that this piece opens the door to a realm where you will be able to experience living magic at work. You will be able to feel its powers and even bring it back with you to the mortal realm. The amount of magical knowleddge that you can gain with this piece is unlimited and never will it be able to overpower you. Just keep on growing in power and magic until your heart's content.

The Secret Book of Abramelin the Magic

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