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The Reaping: Delphine LaLaurie


These are natural stones, I believe Garnets with a center crystal top. This ring is also adjustable.

Today we will be listing a collection of pieces that we've created during what we are calling, "the reaping of souls."  During the reaping of souls we were using an atrifact that Deedee found while she was on an investigation in Nigeria.  She was actually there for an investigation into the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant, but she ended up coming back with a bit more than she bargained for.  Of course, none of it had anything to do with the Ark of the Covenant, but it goes that way sometimes.  Instead, whe she ended up coming back with an item that is simply called, "the Door."  

The Door is a piece that allowed us to open up a portal into the spirt realm.  It was a temporary door and there were no stipulations surrounding what we could or could not do once the door is open or how we opened it.  We can use the piece like any door is used.  If you want to go into a room, then you turn the knob and open the door.  If we want access to the spirit realm, then we use this piece and open the door.  The piece itself was created with necromanitc energies that have been sourced from an energetic epicenter that exists in the Congo.  We call it a hotspot, but its a re-entry point for universal powers that are consistently fed to the Earth from the Cosmos for the purposes of manifesting knowledge.

The Reaping happend when we used The Door to drop the veil to the spirit world to make contact with various spirits and souls.  Some of the souls we went searching for on purpose, while others we happened to find among the billions of souls we searched through.  The Reaping did not occur as a once and done use of the door, but over the course of months of having used the piece.  When we found the souls and spirits that we wanted we used portions of the souls and spirits to create the pieces that we are offering.  Each of the pieces hosts this portion of the soul that we reaped while using The Door.  As a result, each piece has been empowered with one or multiple abilities.  Below you will find what soul this piece contains and the powers and abilities it offers you.  

You've had to have heard her name before.  She is a very powerful voodoo practitioner known for the fact that she would use the blood of others to maintain youth and vitality.  I've been to her house once, where she sacrificed people.  It has an energy all of its own.  It's not a place you want to go to at night while you are alone.  If you aren't practiced in magic and don't have protection, there's a chance you won't come back.  This isn't because of her.  She has moved on.  It's because of the tortued souls that live in her mansion to this day.  

We are talking about Delphine LaLaurie and this reaping summons her presence for her knowledge of youth and vitality.  Is supernatural youth and vitality is what you are looking for, then this soul portion is exactly what you need.  The item will give you unprecendented beauty well into your golden years.  It will make sure you always appear favorable and dazzling.  It will allow your body to remain young and supple, even after your peers have started aging and withering away.  Think Jessica Lang's character in American Horror Story: New Orleans.  

Oh yeah, and this piece will also reveal the blood sorcery powers of LaLaurie.  This is how she created her youth magic.  This magic will also allow you to manifest the Voodoo powers and abilities that you want.  This energy is unlimited and can be used as often as you'd like to use it.  

Please note this investigation was years ago. That’s how backed up we are on getting stuff on. This was before Nick Cage ever bought the house. The home is no longer owned by him.

The Reaping: Delphine LaLaurie

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