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The Reaper of Wealth.

This is a sterling silver wing cash clip. I got this at the auction by a fluke. It just got missed. This was my fault and I didn’t do it intentionally. This item was estimated to sell for between 3 and 6 thousand. Instead I got it for way less and can pass that savings onto you.

There was a box of spelled items which normally are never in that auction. Those items are considered normal or not worth coming to the auction for. I mean honestly you can get spelled items anywhere. Some better than others but literally they are a dime a dozen.

This box of items was there because they were done by a famous empty headed celebrity. Seriously, empty headed. Well now I own them. I didn’t choose to bid on them but did only because this was in the box. I looked at, felt it, read about it and knew I was going to bid on it. When the auction was going down the line it never came up. I thought, damn, I must have missed it. I did want it. I could feel it and heard a whispering in my ear. I was so mad I didn’t get it. I figured someone made an outside deal because you can at that auction as long as it’s over the estimated possible selling price.

I figured it wasn’t meant to be until a few hours later they get to the empty headed celebrities box. I saw it glinting just under some other stuff. I was able to get it! I only fought off a few fans. Why they were fans I don’t know but to each their own.

As soon as I won it I put it to use. I got most of my auctions way under priced. This is good for you. There have been a few things that I way underpriced because I didn’t pay a lot.

This is called the Reaper of Wealth. It’s a he and he does just what his name says. He moves his wings every time you leave the house to gather more for you. He does it in so many different ways it’s just best to say he brings it home. You don’t have to leave the house for this to work. He’s his own entity that requires no friendship or offering. He only requires to be in the household he’s working for. No introductions are even needed. He is just a spirit of wealth. He couldn’t stop gathering it if you wanted him to.

The Reaper Of Wealth

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