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The Oakman

There are many types of Fae and this group is called Oakmen. This is one of them. His name is Jakai. The Oakmen are hard workers and do so to provide for their families if they have one. Most of them do as like most Fae they don’t age and are usually very old on this Earth.

Jakai doesn’t have a family and is willing to stay in our realm. Staying in our realm doesn’t take away from his wealth digging or providing at all. They are born of magic and will continue to be as powerful as ever. The Oakmans only work is gathering wealth. They are what is called dedicated magic, it’s all he does.

OMG while I’m typing this up I’m watching a serious looking troll on wife swap! It’s on HULU! It’s the guy that took his family out of a house and keeps them in an RV. I’m telling you, he’s a real human troll!!! You have to watch it when the two families meet at the end. Seriously, he’s a human troll! This guy stepped out of the realm and burst into human form! Some of these people are crazy! That was season 1 episode 15.

Back to this. It’s good and a dedicated wealth piece. This is a beaded necklace with bone carvings and pendant in the center. This is a vintage necklace. You don’t need to wear it ever and you can put him in another piece if you wish to. I’m starving! I also hate typing!!! Anyway, this is easy to work with and no ritual required, no offering but as a treat a little stick of wood or twig is appreciated.

The Oakman

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