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This very unusual Djinn is was given to a man at Mecca. I know they don’t stay in bottles but this one does. He can actually be seen and lives among Goldstone the real gem that keeps him extremely happy. This is a good Djinn and not the bad one. This is a rare Djin and his location is the absolute best you will ever get. This Djinn is of pure peace and made for whoever gets it. If you read the Quran you should know the real deal with the Djinn, not the made up stuff to sell them to people. Can a djinn hurt or kill you? 100 percent yes! Don’t mess with things you know nothing about because just like angels there are types of Djinn, the good and the bad. All Djinn will be made to answer for their deeds during resurrection. This Djinn is good. Is he locked into this bottle, no. It is his home and where he rests, yes they rest and eat. This Djinn will work for you. What does he do? He brings peace, gifts you with what you need or want, protects you and helps to enlighten you. Best of all though is/ was his birth location, Mecca! You will have this Djinn plus whatever one you were born with. Start living your life to its fullest with the best Djinn we have ever had. He is in service to you! This Djin’s name is Al-Madhab. Introduce yourself to your new protector and the most powerful Djin you will ever come across!

The Most Powerful Djin From Mecca

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