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The lion of Judah is to protector of the Israelites. He is a ferocious beast and one of the many forms of the son of man. An ancient times the lion was sent forth by God to give messages, white light divinity, white light knowledge, visions, and prophecies.

A lot of people think that the lion of Judah is just a metaphor for Jesus. And one sense it is a metaphor. However, and another sense the lion of Judah is very real and it's just one of the many emanations and forms that God takes.

Throughout history we've learned that God is the holy Trinity - the father, the son, the holy Ghost - but he also takes many other forms. The lion of Judah is one of them.

When you use this piece you will be able to develop a holy and divine connection to the lion of Judah and his actual form. He is a ferocious and knowledgeable beast of power and Magic. He holds the most divine and sacred magic that you will ever find. It is of the whitest light. The possibilities and the capabilities that will be open to you via the use of this piece are phenomenal.

Be still of white light magic, prophecy, visions, white light magical abilities, ascendants, and even more will be yours for the taking. If that's not enough to entice you to get this piece, then I don't know what would be.

This piece is a gold toned and then that prominently features a lion.

The Lion of Judah

SKU: 1302348
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