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There is a place that exists between our universe and the next. Don't get confused by the terms solar system and universe. The solar system in our planetary system that comprises a speck of our actual universe. What I'm talking about IS our actual universe, as in the whole. Yes, there are multiples.

Either way, there is a buffer zone between our universe and the next one that is usually referred to by beings of our universe as the Infinity. It's called the Infinity because nobody really know how far it expands. It's believe to be part of a megauniverse that holds many universes as our universe holds many galaxies. Its a sort of no man's land-- like a sac of existence in which multiple existences exist. I hope you follow that.

Either way, what we are giving you is a piece that allows you to visit the Infinity. In the infinity you will be able to llok inside of our own existence and to see things that other people cannot see. This includes powers and abilities, of course. More importantly it allows you to see reality from a different perspective and to understand how it was created and it can be transformed and changed. It will allow you to grow in your conquest to create your own existence. And yeah, the magical abilities are always nice.

The Infinity

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