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The Highest Court of the Illuminati, the mystical society with ancient knowledge packed into their scrolls and jewelry. The history of the society rests on the divine power bestowed on Urail, the founder of the society. Urail, an angel, was given a boon by the almighty to grant the wishes of his followers. He was also tasked with revealing the secrets of longevity, power, influence, and extreme wealth to his followers. Having gained approval from the heavenly, he set out to fulfill his purpose. First, his spirit was invoked into a willing vessel who became the first High Priest of the Court of the Illuminati. His reign, which lasted a thousand years, saw society grow into the biggest mystical society of the age. Urail would grant the members the powers to s vision, interpret dreams, find hidden gems, extend their lives, build political and religious influence, and grow extremely wealthy.

It didn’t take long before the established authorities hunted them, but Urail protected his society through his hidden magical powers. Years have passed, but the powers have in no way dimmed. Urail lives in the current High Priest and has infused all of his powers into the jewelry which serves as the focal point of his magic. The hidden Illuminati magic in the exquisitely-designed piece brings joy, peace, pleasure, and wealth to the followers of the Illuminati magic.

Today, in the modern world, the piece is not only a magical item but serves as a complementary dress accessory. Enshrined in the jewelry is a magical spell that users can quickly invoke by simply touching it. The spell is inexhaustible, powerful, and without malevolence. Touching it with good intentions in your heart speeds up the manifestation of everything good and sweet. Step into a new era of power, influence within your local area, and unprecedented favor in all that you do. Find your missing motivation to take life head-on, find your purpose and generate enough life force to stimulate your spirit. The Hidden Magic of the High Priest of the mystical Illuminati society, enshrined in the jewelry, brings out the best in anyone. This is sterling silver and I believe a size 8. The stone I was told is a topaz but it’s a very unusual green. I have never seen a green like it.

The Hidden High Court

SKU: 3232204
  • To activate this item you will need to make an offering. You actually need to make a few. You can do these all at once. You will need to light a candle, light an incense and leave a little money on a plate. On that same plate you need to add a pinch of Earth, salt and small cup of water. Once you have done that you then place the ring on top of a piece of paper with your full name. The candle and incense only need to be lit for 7 to 8 minutes. Blow them out. Leave everything else over night.

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