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This is one of my favorite rings. These are real high quality Opals in sterling silver. I have kept this for a long time. As many of you know the clear Opal with fire is my favorite, one of my favorites. This as an Opal already holds the strength and meta of the stone already. This being an Opal does a few things. This heals! This brings on strong psychic ability, a true knowing. This ability to heal is combined with everything else. You get your own hidden areas of the mystical mind to open. When these recesses are available for use you can heal where you are or from afar. You do this because it activates the high electrical parts of your brain that work with the meta. Wearing the ring does activate it. You will heal long distance and close to you. You will connect psychically. Your intuition combined with intelligence will expand just like the Opal does because it holds water. There is no bad luck with buying yourself an Opal. That comes from long ago when people didn’t know how to store them. Also as a side note, I came across real cherry amber in one of my units. I have a few pieces and I will sell them for 45 each. They are the real deal! I will try to get them on tomorrow night, if not I will sometime during the next few days. So this ring is high energy and holds extremely high power. You will heal you and others. You will open up your mind with out hurting it. You will have a psychic connection to who you choose to. You will be able to read emotions and have a 100 percent accurate intuition. I know a lot if you like the high tech but this is really where it’s at. Once you open up the pathways to your hidden mind, you can do anything. This is a very low price for this. It’s also gorgeous!

The healing and other places you will go!

SKU: 4162355
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