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Religion has always been a part of the human experience. It’s been present since the first days of our existence. Humans have always struggled to understand who created us and find comfort in beings more powerful and majestic than ourselves. There is a handful of religions out there but all of them share some common core concepts.


One such concept is the emergence of a savior, who walks the earth while possessing supernatural abilities, such as curing people of disease or turning rocks into food. These core narrations coming from religions have been the cornerstone of faith but for some other people, another cast of believers, it has been a motivation.


One such group –that could also be called a cult – is trying to mimic the life paths of important figures from holy books, hoping to acquire the same superpowers as these figures.


The first thing they do is to examine the story of the figure. Since Jesus is quite famous worldwide, let’s refer to him as an example. So, the cult examines Jesus’ story by reading the bible.


Right next, they compare their own life stories to Jesus’ story, seeking for some common ground. The thing they do next is to visit all the places Jesus visited and search for holy grounds. Places where they hope to find some kind of “magic” they can infuse themselves with and acquire powers unknown to the average person.


Rumors flying around report that they stay put and pray for hours – every day for a specific amount of time. It is not known what kind of prayers they say, where they draw them from or even if they say their own words, asking for divine sympathy.


This group goes around well prepared and they carry equipment they think is going to assist them in measuring supernatural elements, such as electromagnetic indicators and aura projectors. For some, their methods may seem disrespectful since a human can’t be equal to a god. For others, this cult’s search for the supernatural may seem fascinating. But in either case, one has to be careful because we never know how a god would react to someone trying to steal their powers.  

Stealing power is a serious thing. With these pieces however they were given a blessing of use. These are safe and extremely, extremely powerful and rare! They were given direct blessing and power with the creator. For years the group had worked on what they thought was the proper formula but it wasn’t a formula that was needed. It was the right group of people. Now all the power and mystical abilities that were sought are now here.

I have two pieces. One that gives you communication and the knowledge of the future with protection. That is this one.

The other you can pick from is the Rosary that holds all the special powers of Christ. This one too offers protection and mystical power.


The Group

  • Just wear or hold or use when praying for the Rosary. For the Mary with children key chain just place your keys on it.

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