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The Great Sphinx of Giza is a marvelous creation. If you don’t know about it, it is a limestone statue of a mythical creature that has the body of a lion and the face of a human.


A lot of conspiracies go around the Sphinx, the most famous being that aliens visited ancient Egypt and built the Sphinx, along with the other pyramids. However, none of these theories is quite accurate because they neglect a simple but crucial fact: The Sphinx’s symbolism.


The Sphinx is a creature with the body of a lion and the face of a human, something like a biological hybrid. The ancient Egyptians were the first culture that tried to merge humans with animals, in order to enhance human performance, fitness and general health.


Although their method of working is not known, some historians think the Egyptians tried to isolate animal genes and implant them into humans. Of course these historians’ opinions were immediately silenced by governments worldwide since they wouldn’t like this secret to go public.


The Egyptians were the fathers of what we could call “Transhumanism” in today’s terms, or at least a variation of it. Transhumanism mostly refers to technological parts being implanted on humans.


Other historians go as far as hypothesizing that the Egyptians had a way of detaching animal body parts and preserving them, implanting those parts in humans. Egyptians were the masters of rituals. They had plenty of rituals in short periods of time and not all of them were open to the public. Who knows what some of them would involve?


If anything of the above could be proved somehow, it would mean that the Egyptians were much more advanced than we think. Building the Sphinx and the pyramids would have been a piece of cake for a culture that possessed such extreme and specific knowledge.

Speaking of the symbolism in the Sphinx it really shows the astrological signs. What’s scary about is the riddle. The riddle is it means full circle, or the end of our time. Along with that comes some very unusual secret and ancient knowledge of a star goddess called Nemacsis. She is the head of the Sphinx and keeper of genetic secrets.

Genetic secrets are not like the genetics scientists study now. These are altered genetics that we all dealt with in past lives and past bodies. This then moves on to cellular memory.

Through the use of this piece you dig deep into your cellular memory and pull from it ancient lost knowledge. This knowledge is advanced and not cave man type of stuff. Nemacsis pulls this for you and places it where you can use it. This isn’t just stuff you want to know but things you can do. You will hear the whispering of the goddess as she guides you. She begins to teach self protection and ends up moving to levitation. This levitation is not astral but physical. It does take a long time as it’s one of the last things she places.

What else do you get with this piece? While levitation is often unbelievable it is not impossible. There are many religious sects that practice it but it takes a falling away of the physical and mental issues we are stuck with. This piece will remove all of those. Unlike pieces that remove blocks this is different in how it’s done. This goes back to all your previous lives and takes care of it all.

Your blueprints. Your blueprint is the astral one it your original and not todays. That blueprint is gone over and changed to make sure you can access the exact same magic and supernatural power as back when the Sphinx was built. This again goes back to the unusual genetic codes. While there is some crazy stuff that comes with this including embryo design there are many things you can use now. The list is immeasurable so it’s pretty much what you decide you want to learn or know.

A little more about the riddle. See if you can gain anymore from it.

What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? ' The answer? Man, who crawls as a baby, walks on two legs as an adult, and uses a walking stick in his twilight years.


What comes after the twilight years if you don’t die? What if you become immortal?

Is there a tiny room in the head of the Sphinx? If so what do you think it was used for? As I have been told it was a projection room that plays magic visions that soak into the body. Yes, you have access to that too.

This piece is antique and well made.

The Great Sphinx

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  • Just wear or hold after lighting a candle. Sit for a few moments to feel the energy and connect.

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