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The Garter Order

The Garter Order is an incredibly covert and elite secret society in Europe as well as the highest honor in occult societies. Membership in the society is limited to the Sovereign, the Prince of Wales, and cannot include anymore than 24 additional companions. This group is known as the Sovereign of the Garter and the Prince of Wales is known as the Knight Companion of the Garter. They hold a very high power that they meet do discuss and practice in St George's Chapel, which is a private church in Windsor Castle to the West of London. They are very powerful who have influence the seed of the Throne, who have stripped the world of most of its riches both monetary and spiritual and have gained complete control of most of the world. A prime example of how they manipulated the throne would be the death of Lady Diana Spencer. She was needed, because more royal the bloodline becomes, the more powerful its descendants' powers and ability to maintain total control. Since Diana is from the notable and royal Churchill/Spencer family, Prince Charles seeded with her, then disposed of her before she could release any of the information about the Order of the Garter. The result is a pure, powerful line-up to take the throne in the coming years.

Now, as for the powers I've been talking about.  They come from the Witches Garter, which is the mark of the witch and holds a witch that is eons old. Thus, they are called the Order of the Garter (aka, the Order of the Witch). This particular witch was able to manifest stones of Great wealth that were give to the Order of the Garter and passed down from generation to generation.

Witch Trials were performed later in time to assure no witch would gain as much power as the Garter witch, which allowed the Order of the Garter to remain the premier secret society and holder of all powers.

 The gems of the Garter which holds powers that include extreme wealth, power, and fame. They give you casted protection, which acts as a shield around your body, which will keep you safe from spells and curses.  It will give you INCREDIBLE magical ability. The Garter Witch is the oldest witch in the book!! Older than Egyptian witches and she predates Atlantis, too! She knows her stuff and she has the powers to manifest it in any form. She chose gems so that way the Order of the Garter could adorn their powers constantly.

This piece is a gem from the Order of the Garter. The gem itself was first used by Queen Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn of the House of Tudor, which is one of the most successful ruling houses of England ever!  This piece was used all they way up to Princess Royal Anne Louise, who dismissed the power. It took her from being next-in-line to the throne, to being tenth in line.  It's just safe to assume that she will never be the queen because of her blatant refusal. We got the piece she was supposed to get and we fit it into this ring. This ring will give you all the powers of the Order of the Garter. It will give you the extreme powers and knowledge of the Garter witch. This piece is very powerful and should be used accordingly. We will never have another opportunity like this, so if this is something your interested in, you better get it before somebody else does! This piece is sterling silver and marked 925. This ring is very valuable, and the powers make it worth the buck!! The last stone had three chips made into this this ring. Three green stones for the power of three. This ring is a 7.

Please read this statement BEFORE BUYING.

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The Garter Order

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