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The Feast of All Souls

The Feast of All Souls is a festival held in commemoration of the faithful departed.  For this reason or that the souls of those people who have spent their lives in servitude to Christ and his purposes have been remitted from Heaven.  The problem is that sometimes people without the proper spiritual sanctification, or before they have had a chance to repent for all of their sins.   Even the most holy of people commit sins on a regular basis, for better or for worse.  A lot of times this happens because of a lack of a proper baptism; or lack of a proper reading of the Last Rites.

Keeping in mind the holy lifestyles of these individuals’ lives, it is not proper that they should be kept from Heaven permanently. With that being said their souls have been blemished in a way that refuses entry into Heaven.  Blemished souls cannot be allowed into Heaven.  Sin must never infiltrate the ranks of Heaven.  Thus, these types of souls go into a state of Limbo.

There is one day out of the year that these souls are allowed to go through a cleansing and sanctification process.  This day is known as All Souls Day.  On this day, the Heavens are opened to those who have lost their way or have not crossed over; or as mentioned above, have not entered the Kingdom of Heaven due to blemishes of iniquity.  In is this day the Feast of All Souls is held.  It is said that the feast will invite the souls into a centralized place, where the prayers of the mortals will be heard, and the souls will be forgiven.

When I first gained knowledge of the Feast of All Souls I was intrigued.  I wondered to myself, how many lost souls are floating around.  What if these souls are confused, or just don’t know the proper way to about things?   That’s why I am offering the piece below.  I think that all people should have an afterlife according to the deeds that they have done in their lifetime.

With the help of a Holy Catholic Apostolate, I have crafted this piece for you.  The piece gives you the spiritual mystique known as Spiritual Absolution.  You will be given the power to communicate with all types of spirits, regardless of their origins.  You will become an original Seeker of Souls with the ability to come in contact with spirits and make every day an All Souls Day.

You become a real ghost whisperer, not like the ones on televisions.  You will gain the ability Spiritual Absolution and Incarnate Absolutions.  This ability will help you bless souls that are astray, and send them to Heaven.  This means that you also have the ability to open up the skies, allowing you to send others to the Kingdom of Heaven for them to receive their judgment.  You will be able to hold counsel with the saints and the angel to obtain their white light to better help you achieve results.

Of course this piece comes with the knowledge of the secrets  of  White Light Magic that will help you along your way and during any spiritual quest.  This piece is a meaningful one and will help you achieve a place of good standing in the afterlife.   You will receive the piece that you see below.

Additionally, this bracelet holds the power of the Ten Roses.  The Ten Roses hold the presence of Ten Holy Saints.  This piece will act as an intercessory piece for you, which will instill upon you Ten Holy Charms.  Together these ten charms will allow you to receive inspiration and divine wisdom.  When worn on the wrist, these beings will make a Circle of Light that will strengthen any ability or magical enhancement you have.  If you possess nothing naturally multiple white light talents will be given to you. This bracelet is sterling silver and the stones are Larimar which is highly sought after.

The Feast Of All Souls

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