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This is a living piece but also rare and one of a kind. This is very old and not your ordinary Djinn.

I’m going to take you through everything that has been accomplished with this piece. First I will tell you what it is. This is a Blue Djinn. These are your most friendly Djinn out there. They were created to help humans and work with angels. These are not an abomination of what God created. This one and his family of 11 served King Solomon. This family helped to build the temple and bring riches to the king among other things. There is a very easy but strange activation! You take the ring and gentle lay it next to your ear like your trying to hear what’s coming out of the point. This is what connects you and activates these Djinn. This is sterling silver and hand blown glass. Each small sterling round you see is another Djinn for a total of 11.

What has this done. It got a house for someone in Florida after a fire. The ring was given to them to help them and it did. They needed money to live comfortably and put all their kids through school, they got it. They needed extra money to keep up with inflation and the increased cost of living, they got it. The father needed a leg, prosthetic, he got it along with a service dog because they are thousands of dollars. This was tested on two people in the middle of divorce. It has been worked out and the guy accepted his wife’s baby from an affair! I know them well, trust me, that was seriously the work of Djinn! One lady wanted money for a business. She got it and the money so she only has to do it if she wants to. Another lady really screwed up with a guy she wanted to marry. Another woman came into the picture and she went a little crazy! She got him back and the memory of those moments are gone. Another lady ( yes I know a lot of ladies!) wanted 30 years off her looks but to also have the same health she had then, she got it. Just for testing sakes my friend wanted to get his record heard. He finally got an appointment! I told him now go back and ask properly, get signed! My other friend, Ricky wanted to know if various celebrities have been murdered for finding out stuff they shouldn’t know. That answer was yes! That was a crazy one! But honestly it’s not hard to figure out someone wasn’t suicided when the multiple shots were to the back of the head. One of my favorites is the one I asked for. That is so interesting and I will update you. I will tell you I wanted to get invited to this party next month. I did but I also wanted freedom to find out what I wanted to know and not be caught. So on that I will keep you updated! One person wanted to travel with the djinn family to the past and future. It worked. He could only see what was going on but that was more than enough for him. One of my friends wanted a DNA infusion of Watcher Blood and power. I can definitely assure you he got it. Raviniska’s tested the results on that one by going into the blood through scent and it was definitely changed! It’s really hard to think of everything to test on but we did find some really hard to do things, all came through. The owner will be given the husband and wife’s name, the Djinn. The kids names are up to the parents to give you. They are full grown adults though. Again, this is like no other and can never be destroyed even if lost or broken once you put it to your ear. These Djinn are here until the end of time.

The Extraordinary! One of a kind, Living Piece!

SKU: 6824040
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