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Forget what you know about serpents of knowledge, this there's everything out the window. When you hear serpent of knowledge usually think about a serpent that lives in the tree of life or 12 and heaven with God. However, this piece call upon the presence and power of a different type of serpent known as the the copper serpent.

The origins of the copper serpent are unclear, however it's safe to say that they are creatures that were created by the hand of God. They were written about in the second Book of Enoch, but that book has since been thrown to the wayside by the church.

The copper serpents, also known as chalkydri, well in the sun. They should come as no surprise considering the sun has been the universal symbol for knowledge and enlightenment since the beginning of time. I mean, the Egyptians worship the sun and the deity that lives within the sun known as Ra.

Similarly the copper serpents dwell within the power and the essence of the Sun. The sun is the center of our universe and sees all that occurs within. Essentially the copper serpents are messengers that do report sometimes to God, but are relatively left alone to simply marinate in the knowledge of the universe that is emitted as the planets orbit the Sun.

These serpents are highly knowledgeable and not just Christian magic, but all magic that exists in the universe. That's why this piece is so powerful and it's why the copper serpents themselves are so powerful. Nobody really knows how many copper serpents there are because there existence is so ambiguous. Also, it's not often that you will see one of these serpents being utilized by sorcerers at all because they are so hard to come by.

When you use this piece you will receive what we are calling the bite of the copper serpent. You will be able to ask your serpent for whatever type of magic or wisdom you want and the serpent will deliver it to you, it will do this in a very dramatic fashion where the knowledge that you are craving will rush through your body like a power surge. That's why we call it the bite of the serpent.

If pure knowledge is what you crave and what you truly desire then this piece is definitely a must have for your collection. We'd tell you the name of the serpent but it's in a language that you would not understand so when you receive your piece you can rename your serpent to whatever you want to call it. These serpents of knowledge are very knowledgeable so they will quickly adapt and catch on.

It's important to remember that these serpents are not necessarily for white light and can deliver knowledge and Magic that is dual. Also, do not look for them to protect you as they aren't really akin to doing that. If you are going to use this piece to set forth and be adventurous I would recommend having a protection piece with you.

The Copper Serpents

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