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If we are what we eat, then we are under attack from various angles. Our food is becoming weaker because the governments and food manufacturers are purposely tweaking it, extracting its valuable nutrients and only letting us receive empty calories from it. And I didn’t even mention the use of chemical fertilizers that are absorbed from food and, consequently, by our gut,


On the other hand, they are trying to make us eat more and more food without any apparent reason, just so we become unhealthy and earn ourselves more problems. On the one side, food companies become rich and, on the other side, we focus on fixing our health problems, therefore, not having enough time for real growth.


Sugar has been a silent killer to our health for so many years and still, it seems like more sugar is being added to various foods. Of course, every person must take care of the food they eat but the problem remains the same.


We can choose food that doesn’t contain sugar but where do we find food that is not tweaked? Other than making money through sells, companies are also busy with devising new ways of bringing the production cost down. For example, science claims that whole wheat products are healthier than their plain wheat counterparts but we still eat plain wheat whether because it’s easier to sell or to produce.


To make matters worse, various kinds of flavor enhancers that are banned in Europe and other continents, are freely used by food manufacturers in USA. It’s not like they don’t have their hands on the same research or knowledge base as the Europeans. To the contrary, they know exactly what they’re doing to keep us grounded.


The food industry has made us always looking for our next meal in order to satisfy our emotions, not our hunger. Additionally, we all know food is fuel. The better the food we eat, the better we perform mentally and physically. Couldn’t that be why our food is becoming nutrient-empty?


As you can see, you have to be extremely careful about your food intake because it is directly correlated to the quality of your existence. Especially in today’s world, you need to make pact with yourself and eat to live rather than live to eat.  

These are detoxing pieces. It detoxes using the heat and energy from your body to correct what is wrong. You only need to wear it.

There are only two, pink and gold and red and gold.

The body Detox

SKU: 3232237
Pink and gold: Pink and gold
  • Bathe adding a little salt to the water or shower with a slight salt scrub. After drying off place your bracelet on.

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