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During the reign of King Solomon in ancient Israel, the Ark of the Covenant was said to have been imbued with a powerful energy that could be transferred to a magical ring. According to legend, the ring was crafted from a piece of gold that had been melted down from one of the cherubim on the Ark, and was inscribed with ancient Hebrew symbols that represented the divine power of God.

The ring was said to have the ability to grant extraordinary powers to its wearer, including the ability to control the elements, heal the sick, and even raise the dead. It was passed down through generations of Israelite kings, each one adding their own inscriptions and symbols to the ring.

However, as time passed, the power of the ring began to wane, and it was eventually lost or destroyed. Some say that it was hidden away by a secret society of mystics, while others believe that it was stolen by a group of thieves who were never caught.

Despite its mysterious disappearance, the legend of the ring of power lived on, inspiring generations of seekers and adventurers to search for its hidden location and unlock its secrets. To this day, many people believe that the ring still exists, waiting to be rediscovered by someone worthy of its incredible power. And so it all was.

Through the use of a human leg bone with a magnifying glass a portal was opened. This portal was big enough to physically step through. This ring was not brought back through the portal but instead a ball of energy that could be sat forever inside a vessel. This vessel was picked. This is not real gold but is a great representation of where that energy and power should be. The snake is for immortality and allows for you to achieve it. This doesn’t mean you will get it but does open you up so you may try.

Definite things are all the other Magic’s of the Ark. this is the ability to carry the wealth of heaven and knowledge of it as well. This is to share in a piece of it here on Earth. To protect in fast approaching evil times. To make you aware of who to trust. To cast out evil beings and spirits. The inside allows for you to write down anything, burn it and place the ash inside so you may get what you want. Wear this ring while reading to understand hidden meaning or to make things crystal clear.

Best of all it comes with a real warrior angel who does reveal themselves to you. This angel is also a council member with vast knowledge of things you wouldn’t even think of asking! The skeleton on the side represents the leaving of the body but yet remaining eternal. The snake is knowledge but the center is your warrior angel.

The Ark OF Covenant

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