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The real millionaire Rings. The real story!

You may have seen on eBay multiple sellers selling millionaire and billionaire rings. They say you get it in 30 days. Now go on eBay and type those in and keep looking at them all. You will find very low feedback and a ton of so called different sellers selling them. ALL the sellers are the same! Go ahead, take a look. Here is the real deal with these. First off the description were stolen from a very old blog I had up with the pictures of the rings. They were never intended for sale and I specifically put that in the blog and never sold them. You may ask why? Well it’s because these rings don’t come with out karma on how the money is gained! So if you want them here they are in real gold and one in silver. You must also get a karma bounce piece as well. They will run you about 100 with me. You might get them cheaper somewhere else but that’s not my business. If buying them off of eBay you are buying a ring from Temu that ran them about 70 cents to a max of 5.00 and has absolutely nothing in it! For your cheap ring that does absolutely nothing you will pay about 89.00 sometimes 79.00 but if you don’t mind throwing your money away from some cheap plastic that does nothing, that’s your prerogative. On my haunted doll listing I asked them to please stop stealing my descriptions but it’s not the first one and won’t be the last. Now think very long and hard here, why do they have so many eBay accounts? Sooner or later you will figure it out. I have the three I have always had. They are not cheap but they are real.

This one is sterling silver and Labradorite.

The 411 on the EBay Millionaire, Tril and Bil rings!

SKU: 62923415
  • You will need a Karma shield or Karma bounce piece!

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