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Tears Of The God.


These are Tears of GOD. Not tears of the Gods. These were shed during the crucifixion. These are Trinity Tears used to not only heal Christ but others in a metaphysical way. The Tears have been created using a formula from the Vatican soldier. His daughter was dying and he couldn’t get help from them. The formula is so simple he didn’t believe it to be real but indeed it was! There are so many things we don’t know because it’s just not in the Bible, this was one of them. What gets me is it could be used today. This comes full for your use. I will be doing others. I have some going on Amethyst stone bottles and others.

This is worth it. The stone bottle is not from China but from Energy and they say the stone is healing and real. It doesn’t matter. We did the work on this and it DOES WORK!


Tears Of The God

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