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The human mind can only comprehend what it can see. That is why I'm order to achieve a full awakening we need some type of help. People have spent years developing this awakening in their own, but why wait that long when you can speed up the process.

This piece calls upon an ancient Sumerian demo-god call the Celestial Walker. It is a female entity as she carries with her the fertility magic to create reality as she chooses.

When using this piece you will be able to connect with the Walker on a subliminal level. She will bring you a full awakening that will allow you to walk along with her.

She will show you the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating magic. She. Show you how to harvest and reap the energoes that are found in the cosmos. She will reveal to you how it is very possible to create alternative realities and existence.

This really is a full blown Sumerian Awakening. She was born of the Knowledge of the Annunaki. She js berh powerful.

Sumerian Celestial Walker

SKU: 1302317
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