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The Stone Of Heaven.

The stone of Heaven is green Jade. Mostly those in East Asia refer to Jade as the stone of Heaven. This is because of the properties it holds metaphysically.

These are prosperity, good luck and abundance. This also means wealth and success, good balance and harmony. Jade also brings opportunities, positive energy and being able to meet your life goals. Jade will also reduce stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and behavior problems. If you have bad self esteem, this is definitely for you! If you need to connect with your psychic self, this releases blockages.

Jade also increases spiritual growth and enlightenment. Helps with meditation and removing negative energy in your area. Jade helps with healing through the natural process of blood flow, energizing it to send cellular regeneration and helping with illness. Love, relationships, clarity of thought, intuition, wisdom and insight are all happily given by Jade. For each person wearing it the positives will be different as it works with what you need. Later I will have more but for now, this is the only one. This is because we must work on one at a time. Please include your name now and your birthdate. Place them in the notes. You can take this Jade off and wear it however you want. We tested this one on the girl across the street. Well lady I should say lady. She’s very nice but has some very serious issues. I found out because I saw her acting crazy but I like her so I didn’t say anything. However my town is very small, in fact it’s called a village. You can’t find us on google maps even. We are a three street pre civil war town. We are also on the national historical register. The post lady next to the one room schoolhouse, no, I’m not kidding! She’s a gossiping Betty and opens up peoples mail. She told me the lady was way off and on a lot of mental meds. So I asked if she wanted to wear it and test it for positive stuff. She said yes. She has been totally fine ever since. Trust me, you could tell! This is not just a piece of Jade, we did a lot to it! You will like it and we are working on different types of pieces.

Stone of Heaven

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