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Stirring up the library in your mind.

These are orbs of magic that summon the Akashic Memories. The Akashic memories are the recording of all human thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, and magical abilities. These do not exist in the physical realm where we can see them. Rather, they are held in what is known as an Akashic Hall of Records in the Etheric Universe. Skeptics will ask, “Well, how the heck do you know? They haven’t found one yet!” Oh, but they have, it just isn’t in plain sight for human eyeballs to see. There is too much sensitive information to go around.

This piece, however, allows you to use your human energies to recreate the akashic hall of records in your mind. This means that you will be able to open up the akashic hall at any given moment. What can you use this for? You can use it gain the knowledge and power of other people’s magical abilities. You will be able to see the Akashic records of every person that has ever existed. You will also be able to read their mind, to see their memories, and to know all of those dirty secrets they keep. It will allow you to travel back to certain points in time to obtain the residual powers of the situation. For example, you can use it to travel to the time of Jesus’ Crucifixion to gain the spiritual properties of his blood. Or, you could use this piece to travel back in time to the time that Napoleon was in the pyramid and received a secret vision.

With this magic, it’s all open-ended and totally up to you.


SKU: 12222305
  • You will place this is hot tea or coffee to stir it. Each spoon has a real gemstone on top. You may also stir a cup of water and get the same results. You will receive one spoon.

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