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Saint Marie La Croix, Jean Jugan.

St. Jean Jugan was the founder of the little sisters of the poor and those in bad health. At 15 she went to work for a viscount from France who she noticed was always helping the poor. This is what led her to her life’s work. She devoted her entire life to the poor and those who were sick or elderly. She died at age 86 and the tomb in which she was buried created her first miracle after death.

One family who was both stricken with sickness and poverty visited her burial in France. Taking some first from the tomb they began the next day to get well and the husband was asked to take a great job without asking for it. He actually knew nothing about the job. The one son had a crippled up and twisted foot which caused him constant pain and was unable to walk right or get work. The wife had consumption and wasn’t expected to live and the younger daughter couldn’t get anywhere with work. After the first from the tomb was obtained all those things went away. A young man from the village made a special shoe that in time would fix the son’s leg. It did! It took only 12 months for this to change his leg. The mother lived and the young daughter got work with another family who she became fond of.

Another person who I know used this but I told them I didn’t know if it would work for what they wanted. But it was worth giving it a try since it did involve money, it worked! Get ready for this one. A man who is a serious con. He flashes badges like he’s a cop or health inspector, whatever he feels like. He even pretended to be a real estate agent. He represented both buyer and seller and took all the money. He has a very long rap sheet, very long! Let’s just say he has done a lot. So this was tested on that situation. Well, he lost a ton of money about 250,000.00 which went back to the woman he scammed. She got that and then her house. Back as well!

A guy in Pa tested this for me. He was about 32 and had 5 kids. Not all of them were his because he got with this woman who already had three and then they had 2 together. He worked non stop for the county in construction but passed out one day. He was rushed to the hospital to find he had a brain tumor. They held a benefit for him near Doylestown Pa because the insurance wouldn’t cover it. Without that money he would die. Which really pisses me off after watching the news today! I saw how in many blue states the illegals get free no questions asked health care and yet here he is and can’t get an operation that will save his life? Shit is upside down in this world! Take care of your own people first! Then help others if you have it left. Luckily this worked for him. The benefit didn’t do enough to get the operation but it did raise 15,000. His wife told me the cost was almost half a million or more. I knew then a beer and beef wasn’t going to cut it. I allowed her to borrow this and she got an anonymous donor that covered the full bill!

Those are just some of the things.

You get what you see here. The case, sealed tomb dirt with her came on it! There is real miracle power in this relic!!

St. Marie la Croix

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